Studio fan coil unit

Versatile and adaptive

The Studio fan coil can be installed to the ceiling, window seat or on the floor as a standing installation. The unit is suitable for both cooling and heating applications.
The thermal transfer area of the coil has been optimized to ensure maximum cooling power with minimal energy consumption.
The preferred sound level of the unit can be selected from five standard options. The fan performance is continuously variably optimized within the sound limits. The unit is designed for optimal performance in district cooling applications.
The Vari Pro automation controls the air temperature and fluid flow precisely and accurately.  The units are configured at the factory according to the site’s demand and tested with a dedicated test system.

Fast to install

The design of the Studio fan coil allows versatile installations; all connections are located either to the left or right side of the unit. Plug connection guarantees easy electrical connectivity without additional electric work. The connection to a modbus building automation system is established via Vari PRO room controller. The Vari PRO room controller comes with a cable and fast connector for easy installation to the unit. The room controller’s commissioning tool, “Start Up Wizard”, guarantees easy and fast commissioning and testing. The installation which used to take up to several hours of installation time is reduced to only half an hour. The fan filter can be detached for easy maintenance.

Installation options

Units without external cabinet
SHLK, ceiling installed dry/wet, with condensate pan
SLVK, wall installed dry model, without condensate pan
SVK, wall installed, wet model, with condensate pan

Units with external cabinet
SHLC, ceiling installed, dry/wet with condensate pan
SVLC, wall installed dry/wet without condensate pan
SVC, wall installed, wet, with condensate pan


Valves preinstalled and configured at the factory
Pressure independent control valve (PICV)
Electrical plug for fast installation
Rapid connector for room controller
Condensate water removal with condensate pump or free drainage
Feet for free-standing installation
Special color grille

Automation optionsVari ProVari
Variable-speed EC fanYesYes
Control signalModbus RTUAnalogue (0–10 V / 24 V)
Compatible room controllersVari PROChiller Varitec or general analogue controller
Control via BMSYesYes
Energy consumption monitoringYesNo
Diagnostics (water temperature, fan etc.)YesNo
Fault alarms (room controller display)Yes (configurable, on/off)No
Fault alarms (BMS)YesYes
Service monitoring and service-need alertsYesNo
Configurable display (room controller)YesNo
On-site configuration of unit (via room controller / BMS)YesNo