The ViralSafe filter makes an ideal choice for spaces where human health is a priority, with special emphasis placed on preventing viruses from spreading. It is recommended for facilities such as hospitals, care homes, hotels, public buildings and office spaces.

A coated filter is available as an accessory for new and replacement finters in Chiller fan coil units. The operation of ViralSafe-coated filters is based on anti-viral multi-metal hybrid coating. The coating does not cause the filter’s pressure loss to increase.


Coated filters, which are available as an accessory, improve safety for the facility’s users and its maintenance staff.


Studies have shown that ViralSafe filters prevent viruses and particles from spreading through the air in a room, decreasing the airborne transmission of diseases.

Maintenance staff

The filter is safe for the maintenance staff to replace as viruses and bacteria cannot thrive and grow in the filter. Therefore, the risk of contamination in connection with filter replacement is minimised.

Proven efficiency

The efficiency of the coating has been tested and proven in studies conducted by different laboratories in Finland and abroad, including the University of Helsinki.