Smart close control unit for server and machine rooms

Flexible and versatile

The Smart close-control air-conditioning units support a wide range of installation methods. In addition, their modular structure enables several airflow directions. The design of our close-control air-conditioning units ensures that the airflow may be either upwards or downwards. The unit can be mounted on a raised floor, connected to a duct or placed freely in the space.
Smart can be selected for different temperatures and airflows. The  sound level can also be used as a criterion in the selection of the machine.
The L series devices’ technical solutions make them an ideal choice for small data centres and machine rooms. The XL series is optimised for the liquid temperatures in district cooling networks.


Close-control air-conditioning units equipped with a dual refrigeration system can be connected to two separate cooling systems. Because of this, Smart’s cooling function works even if one of the cooling networks is not in operation. In an emergency, the automatic back-up cooling system (optional) kicks in, utilising, for example, domestic water for cooling.

Energy efficient and silent

The Smart close-control air-conditioning unit is always dimensioned based on project-specific water and air temperatures and airflows to ensure optimal results. Our advanced Option selection program enables the dimensioning and selection of the most energy-efficient solution. The Smart close-control air-conditioning unit’s EC fans reduce energy consumption by 10%. The unit’s innovative frame design guarantees low sound levels.

Standard features

Fan control principles
Constant speed
Differential pressure control
Constant pressure control
Constant airflow control
External control
Temperature control
2-way valves
EC fans
Filter class EU4

Additional accessories

3-way valves
Humidifier, several capacities between 5 and 15 kg/h
Re-heating, electrical resistor
Filter class EU7
Condensate pump
External condensate basin
Airflow damper
Mounting base
Airflow outlet equipment: mesh, grille
Room temperature and humidity sensor, installed separately
Filter guard
Fire alarm
Leak alarm
ServiceNext remote monitoring
Bus connections: Modbus RTU and Modbus TCP
Group control