Smart close-control unit
Model series L size range 1110…2680 mm x 850 mm x 1980mm and XL size range 1110…2680 mm x 850 mm x 2500mm
Total cooling capacity 25-130 kW (L-series) and 20-120 kW (XL-series)
Sensible cooling capacity 19-96 kW (L-series) and 15-100 kW (XL-series)
Total heating capacity 5-16 kW
Air flow 4000 m3/h – 30 000 m3/h (L and XL series)
Sound levels from 48 dB(A)
Cooling effect total and sensible in model series L air 24°C/50 %RH, water 7/12°C
Cooling effect total and sensible in model series XL air 24°C/50 %RH, water 10/18°C
Sound range dB(A) free field 3m distance from sound source
Size depends on the chosen installation


Flexible close control air conditioning system

The Smart system solutions offer optimised precision and close control air conditioning. The system’s typical applications include challenging IT, electronics, and measurement and test facilities. Thanks to the units’ modern design and low noise level, they can be placed directly in the room or in its immediate vicinity.
The modular design and number of airflow direction options of the Smart product family affords great flexibility in the choice of installation location. The L series devices make for an ideal choice for small data centres and archives and devices in the XL series are suitable for use with wide area networks.
The Smart control system ensures the best possible cooling and energy-efficiency.

| Precise temperature and humidification control comfortably

  • Precise control of air temperature through unit design
  • Effective dehumidification through intelligent fan speed control

| Energy efficient and silent

  • Designed to offer a very high effective thermal coefficient for improved efficiency
  • The Twin Cooling system (TCS) optimises usage between the units, using only one as primary cooling water source, for improved energy efficiency
  • Air-tight frame design guarantees silent operation

| Versatile possibilities- compatible with various applications

  • Tailored to your applicationoptimized for wide range of water temperatures
  • Designed for improved performance also in district cooling water applications
  • Modularity of the unit and flexible frame structure allows freedom in installation

| Cost-efficient installation and easy maintenance

  • All maintenance measures can be performed from the front of the device
  • Maintenance free EC fan

Product qualities

  • Supply air flow directions to front, rear or down
  • Return air flow from under, front or above
  • Configuration according to desired cooling (and heating) capacity, air flow and sound levels
  • Automatically operating emergency cooling system to guarantee 100% reliable cooling


  • Option for extra fine filter (EU7/F7)for demanding applications
  • Humidification and after heating configurable according to site specification
  • Alarms for filtering efficiency state and water leakage
  • Options for fan and air flow control
  • Condensate water removal with condensate pump or free drainage to external condensate tank and possibility for dry system installation