Our customer-specific manufacturing operations, combined with expert services and knowledge of Nordic conditions, guarantee that we can offer our customers an optimal solution that is durable, energy-efficient and ecological.  Our cooling, heating and energy systems are used in both new and renovated buildings, including hotels, public buildings, offices, shopping centres, industrial facilities and residential buildings. Chiller is part of the Finnish air-conditioning solution provider Koja Group.

Complete, energy-efficient solutions tailored to customer needs

We design energy-efficient device solutions to meet our customers’ specific needs. Bespoke solutions are the key to achieving optimal energy efficiency and sustainability throughout the system’s life cycle. In the design of our solutions, we also pay attention to the requirements set by tight construction schedules. Our solutions are always designed for quick and easy installation and commissioning.

Experts on hand to help

We are a pioneering cooling solution provider with a strong expert team. We assist our customers in the design and realisation of an ideal device solution. We strive to plan optimal solutions within the framework of the application requirements and related restrictions, and we manufacture the devices to plan. With our extensive device expertise, we take care of our solutions throughout their life cycles.  How we operate>>

Nordic climate and requirements

To enhance the sustainability of our solutions, we make the most of the Nordic climate by maximising the use of cool outdoor air in cooling and pay special attention to usability and resistance to cold weather in our outdoor systems.

Silence is a Nordic luxury. In addition to energy efficiency, acoustic ecology is at the heart of our product development. We understand the quiet Nordic soundscapes and foster them through technological innovations.

An unbroken chain from design to maintenance

Our production facilities are located alongside our product development operations. The process flow from design to a fully tested solution is continuous and reliable. An application-specific solution is defined using our selection software. The device details are automatically transferred to our data system, which guides the manufacturing process and documentation cost-efficiently.  Our customer care doesn’t stop with the delivery of the device. The product details are transferred to our maintenance service, so we can identify each individual device during maintenance.