The Chiller story began in 1990, in the midst of office building hype in Finland. Starting off in retail, Chiller quickly evolved from retailer into manufacturer. Today, we are one of the leading suppliers of cooling, heating and energy solutions internationally.  Our main office and production facility, the heart of our operation, is located in Tuusula, Finland. We have sales offices in all the major cities in Finland as well as sales offices in Sweden, Norway, Estonia and the United Arab Emirates and partners in Poland and Lithuania.

Our HVAC and heat pump solutions are used widely in both new buildings and renovation projects that have strict requirements related to all things that make the indoor air comfortable: air quality, noise levels, temperature control and humidity. Industrial companies, the ICT sector and OEM machine builders lean on Chiller’s technology to answer their cooling and heating needs.

Time is money…

So our products are designed for easy installation and maintenance. All Chiller products are assembled and tested at the factory, making the equipment easy and cost-efficient to install.

…And so is energy

Since the beginning, energy efficiency has been one of our key design points. Tightening regulations and increasing prices for energy consumption (not forgetting the pursuit of a greener environment!) drive our people to work harder to come up with innovative solutions that enable increasingly energy-efficient products.

“There’s a way to do it better – find it”

                                                                                           ~Thomas A. Edison

 And that is the reason we invest a great deal in product development.  We know that in order to create something extraordinary one must sometimes try those 10,000 ways that won’t work before coming up with the one that does. Continuous product development enables us to provide the high-quality, technology-leading products Chiller is known for.