Chiller factory-assembled cooling and heating solutions are dimensioned in accordance with the application to guarantee optimised energy efficiency, even in the most challenging industrial applications.

Waste energy put to good use

Numerous industrial processes generate large quantities of excess heat, which is often dumped into the outdoor air or waterways. At the same time, money is unnecessarily spent on purchasing energy for heating. With the Chiller heat pump solution, the excess heat can be put to good use efficiently to remarkably improve the system’s energy efficiency. Simultaneously, chilled water can be generated for cooling purposes.

Factory-tested complete solutions

Chiller solutions for industrial processes are tailored to meet the specific needs of each application, to ensure disruption-free operation in all circumstances. All Chiller solutions are delivered factory-tested with the customer’s technical parameters.

An extended service life

High-quality, durable Chiller solutions are easy to install and ready to use, and they come with an integrated IoT solution. In combination with Chiller’s comprehensive product services, these properties guarantee an excellent user experience throughout the products’ service life.