Servicing and maintenance service

Annual maintenance

Annual maintenance service was developed to meet our equipment’s maintenance and service needs and to help our customers with any questions that may arise during use.

Our annual maintenance service includes maintenance and inspections pursuant to a statutory inspection and maintenance plan and a helpdesk service, which offers access to advice and support provided by our experts.

The actual annual maintenance consists of a broad range of inspections, designed to verify your system’s proper functioning. This ensures that our customers make the most of their system’s cooling capacity as energy-efficiently as possible. This also contributes to the devices’ overall efficiency and durability.

As our contract customer, you get spare parts and any additional work for a special price.

Warranty period maintenance

The first maintenance measures constitute the most significant work performed on the system in terms of its cost-efficiency and functioning throughout its life cycle. After the property has been commissioned, adjustments and changes are often made to the cooling system, and the functioning and settings of all the devices should be checked and optimised in connection with this work. It is recommended that the warranty period maintenance is given to the manufacturer to perform, because of their thorough knowledge of the device.

Maintenance on request

Our qualified technicians also provide maintenance services on request to our maintenance customers. For such work, we charge a fee in accordance with our price list

Annual maintenance            


Annual maintenance

Leak inspections

Electronic reporting

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