Superior efficiency through energy reuse and recycling

Chillquick Thermo heat pump station
Heating capacity 11-400 kW
Cooling capacity 12-430 kW
Side range 1240x750x1600 mm…4650x900x1950mm
Heating and cooling capacity dependent on application: water cooling 7/12 °C, heating 20/15 °C • Ethylene glycol content 35%, at 30 °C ambient temperature
Size dependent on application and accessories


| Double the efficiency with a Chillquick Thermo heat pump station

The intelligent Chillquick Thermo heat pump station combines all of the advantages of a heat pump, chilled water station and heat recovery system into an efficient and compact complete solution. Simultaneous heating and cooling with regeneration possibility doubles the annual energy efficiency from that of a system with separate equipment for heating and cooling.
The Chillquick Thermo heat pump station is designed to accurately manage and optimise the energy flows, chilled water, warm water, boreholes, waste heat and – when needed – dry cooler. The recirculation of energy makes Chillquick Thermo superior in terms of energy efficiency when compared to the other heat pump solutions available.
Geothermal heat, waste heat or process heat can be utilised for heat recovery, and any excess energy can be stored and later recovered from the boreholes.

| Heat pump station – a cost-efficient complete solution

Chiller’s ingenious heat pump station concept combines all the functions for chilled water, heat recovery and heated water in one factory-assembled and full-scale-tested complete solution.  Compared to the traditional solutions, where the main and accessory modules, pumps and buffer tank are delivered as separate units, the heat pump station concept introduces significant savings on installation and commissioning time.
With a fully assembled and full-scale-tested Chillquick Thermo heat pump station, the electrical connection for power and the pipe fittings are the only things needed for successful installation.

 | Cost-efficient complete solution

  • Tailored to customer needs and full-scale tested at the factory with the customer’s technical parameters
  • 50-90% time savings in installation and commissioning with the heat pump station concept – quick to install, easy to commission

 | Long service life

  • High-quality components for an extended service life
  • Lifecycle optimisation and predictive maintenance with the Service Next IoT solution

| Service Next IoT – cloud service for lifetime optimisation

  • Continuous system performance monitoring and process optimisation via IoT operation
  • Predictive maintenance enables minimisation of system downtime
  • Monthly reports on system performance, real-time monitoring and assessment via cloud service
  • Remote Helpdesk maintenance services and expert assistance

Standard accessories

  • Flow control accessories
  • Winter use accessories
  • Buffer tank

Additional accessories

  • Electricity metering
  • Connection to building automation
  • Real-time monitoring via ServiceNext IoT connectivity
  • Carefree Service Next service agreement

Product qualities

  • Different models, based on the application requirements: geothermal heat pump with chilled water generation, heat pump with heat recovery and chilled water generation, geothermal heat pump, heat pump with heat recovery