Chillquick Thermo – a heat pump with exceptional efficiency

A versatile heat pump solution

The Chillquick Thermo heat pump offers a  versatile liquid-to-liquid heating and cooling solution. Thanks to its modular design, the solution can be customised to meet the customer’s specific needs. The system can achieve heat production of up to 80 °C. It consists of a modular heat pump section and optional customer-specific modules, which ensure that the system’s functioning and performance meet the customer’s requirements. The heat pump is easy to modify to function as a heating, cooling or heat recovery system.

Extensive capacity range

In geothermal heating solutions, the Chillquick Thermo heat pumps have a capacity range of 70 to 600 kW, while combined with the heat recovery option heating capacities up to 800 kW can be reached. The systems’ high level of automation enables the parallel use of up to four units, increasing the total capacity to 2,000 kW.

Chillquick Thermo heat pump range

The Chillquick Thermo heat pump range offers models for a wide range of uses. The models differ from one another in terms of compressor technology and the type of refrigerant used. The choice of system and technology is determined based on the customer’s needs, usually defined by the heat recovery and heat requirement temperatures. All the machines use shared modules, enabling the creation of cost-efficient overall solutions.