Chillquick Eco

Energy efficient

The Chillquick Eco chilled water station is equipped with four compressors, which enable energy-efficient progressive four-step  capacity control. On partial loads, only the compressors required for the generation of the desired output are in operation at any given time. The unit’s energy efficiency can be further improved with the free cooling feature that utilises cold outdoor air in the refrigeration process.

A complete solution tailored to the application

Chillquick Eco is a reliable dual-circuit chilled water station that is equipped with four compressors for added reliability in all conditions. It is delivered factory-tested and assembled ready for use. The Chillquick water station solutions are always manufactured to meet Chiller’s factory standards.

The unit can be equipped with a wide range of accessories to meet the application’s needs, regarding water circuits, automation, electrical accessories and other optional features. When required, the unit can be delivered without the free cooling feature. The content of the delivery can be defined in the Option selection program.

Cost-efficient and easy installation

The Chillquick chilled water station enables considerable reductions in the on-site time needed. In comparison with conventional water chiller systems, a substantial amount of time is saved. The test runs and functional testing performed at the factory play an important role in speeding up the on-site stage. After commissioning, the system’s operation can be monitored and optimised via the IoT. This enables the optimisation of operations and the minimisation of losses caused by downtime, creating benefits throughout the system’s service life.

Functional options

Chilled water station with free cooling,  progressive capacity control with fixed control steps
Chilled water station without free cooling,  progressive capacity control with fixed control steps
Water chiller,  progressive capacity control with fixed control steps

Capacity ranges

80–354 kW