Discover all the new technical features of the NOVA 32 product family in the video presentation above!


The new indoor NovaCool32 chilled water station is an even more environmentally friendly way to provide cooling for buildings. The R32 refrigerant has a GWP one-third of that compared to traditional R410a.


The NovaCool32 chilled water station features four compressors, enabling an energy-efficient four-stage power modulation. At partial loads, only the compressors necessary for generating the desired power are operational. The efficiency ratio of the entire system is enhanced through component selections and similar upgrades. Energy efficiency is further increased by incorporating free cooling, utilizing cold outdoor air for cooling.

Functional Options

Chilled water station, step control
Chilled water station with free cooling, step control
Water cooler, step control

Power Range

80–400 kW

Safety Concept

The frame of the NovaCool32 chilled water station is designed to accommodate the R32 refrigerant. The structural integrity of the unit prevents refrigerant leakage outside the casing, even in the unlikely event of a malfunction. Design guidelines according to the safety concept ensure a secure device system for designers and can be downloaded directly from the selection program. The device’s automation as well as the included exhaust fan guarantee the safe operation of the device.

Reliable & Tailored

NovaCoolt32 is a highly dependable dual-circuit chilled water station, with four compressors securing operational reliability even in challenging situations. Above all, the solution always adheres to Chiller’s rigorous factory standards. All units are manufactured and pre-tested at our facility in Finland and delivered as a fully operational compact unit. The comprehensive solution can be equipped extensively to meet the specific requirements of the project, including water circuits, automation, electrical components, and other accessories.

Cost-Efficient Installation

The NovaCool32 chilled water station enables a short lead time on the construction site. The time savings are significant compared to traditional on-site assembled water-cooling systems. The quick turnaround is facilitated by high-quality documentation in the design phase, an extensive factory-assembled package, as well as system testing and verification conducted at the factory.