How we operate

We manufacture innovative device solutions for the optimisation of cooling, heating and energy efficiency. Our operating principle is to offer expert services and support to our customers at every stage of their project.


Customer-oriented product development

Chiller is a pioneering cooling solution provider with a top expert team in the field. We listen closely to feedback from our customers and take it into account in our product development. In addition, we invest in energy efficiency, sustainability and usability to ensure that our solutions are future-ready.


Expert assistance for designers

With our expertise, we strive to plan optimal solutions within the framework of the application requirements and related restrictions. As a tool for design work, we also offer the best selection program in the field, helping designers with the dimensioning and selection of the devices. The program offers access to ready dimensional drawings, electrical and functional diagrams and technical specifications.


Cost-effective, high-quality complete solutions

Our solutions consist of entities that are as extensively prefabricated as possible. Our devices are manufactured and tested and their parameters are set in our factory in Finland in accordance with plans. This ensures their high quality and speeds up work on-site, resulting in savings.


Tested, safe and reliable

We test every device before delivery. Our chilled water stations undergo a full-capacity test run. The test run encompasses the testing of functioning-, performance- and application-specific settings. Fan coil unit parameters are set in line with the order and the devices’ program logic and electrical safety are tested meticulously and thoroughly.

Hassle-free commissioning and optimisation of energy efficiency

Our commissioning service ensures quick and easy commissioning of the devices and their optimal energy efficiency. With the service, you can be certain that the devices are tested and installed correctly, and that the documentation complies with regulations. When necessary, we offer user training to our customer’s personnel.


Predictive maintenance ensures reliability

Regular maintenance of chilled systems not only helps anticipate the need for work but is also required by law. As the manufacturer, we know your system best. With our ServiceNext service based on IoT technology and a maintenance agreement, you can ensure high-quality predictive maintenance of your devices, helping you optimise your maintenance costs and the energy efficiency of your system.


Spare parts support is provided swiftly

By selecting us as your spare parts supplier, you can make sure the spare parts are compatible with your system, ensuring good results. We deliver the parts directly from our logistics centre in Tuusula even to a tight schedule, and our experts are more than happy to help with installation.