Chillquick Deco

Because the Chillquick Deco chilled water station can be installed outdoors, it saves space in the machine room. Often, a separate machine room is not required at all. The device can be equipped with an indoor unit that comes with  customisable water circuits. This enables cooling at various temperatures.

Cost-efficient and easy installation

The Chillquick chilled water station enables considerable reductions in the on-site time needed. In comparison with conventional water chiller systems, a substantial amount of time is saved. The functional testing performed at the factory and the factory-assembled indoor unit play an important role in speeding up the on-site stage. All that is needed to do on-site is to connect the units to one another and the property’s cooling networks.

An easy-to-use combo

The indoor and outdoor units communicate seamlessly with one another. Both units are controlled in a centralised manner via a user interface integrated into the indoor unit. This results in streamlined automation and makes the system easy to use.

Efficient dehumidification

To ensure an efficient dehumidification process, the intermediate transfer system is bypassed, and the system’s coldest heat-exchange medium is used in the dehumidifier coil. This solution enables dehumidification to take place at a temperature that is several degrees lower than otherwise.

Free cooling and an energy-efficient compressor with stepless control

The Chillquick Deco chilled water station’s energy efficiency is based on continuously variable capacity control. The system can be equipped with a free cooling function, which reduces the overall mechanical cooling time, thereby helping save energy.

Functional options

Chilled water station with free cooling,  continuously variable capacity control
Chilled water station without free cooling,  continuously variable capacity control
Water chiller with free cooling, continuously variable capacity control
Water chiller without free cooling, continuously variable capacity control

Capacity range

<200 kW