Giant fan coil unit
Supply air directions up, down or front
Return air directions front, below or top
Size range 1050…1900x730…1330x450 mm
Total cooling effect 5.7-19.3 kW
Sensible cooling effect 3.8-12.9 kW
Sound range from 41 dB(A)
Air flow 170-615 l/s
Cooling effect total and sensible air 27°C/50 %RH, water 7/12°C
Sound range sound pressure level Lp(A) 100m3 space
Size depends on the chosen installation


Powerful and scalable fan coil unit


The modular design and high effectivity of the Giant fan coil unit enables its multifunctional use for wide range of uses, and makes it an excellent choice for air conditioning in workshops, retail premises and in storage spaces.

The supply air direction can be freely chosen according to the application, and the flexible frame structure allows versatility in the installation. Giant fan coils are developed for chilled water systems and optimised for district cooling water applications.

| Energy efficient and silent

  • Maximised heat transfer area of the coil guarantees maximum cooling capacity with minimised energy consumption
  • Precise dimensioning of the unit combined with the coil structure guarantees maximized efficiency
  • Improved cooling capacity allows the fan to be operated at a lower speed which reduces the sound level

| Versatile possibilities- compatible with various applications

  • Tailored to your applicationoptimized for wide range of water temperatures
  • Especially designed for improved performance in district cooling water applications
  • Modularity of the unit and flexible frame structure allows freedom in installation

| Comfortable indoor climate

  • Precise control of air temperature through unit design


| Cost-efficient installation and easy maintenance

  • Maintenance free EC fan

Product qualities

  • Supply air directions front, up and down
  • Options for cooling, heating, cooling & heating units
  • Configuration according to desired cooling (and heating) capacity, air flow and sound levels


  • Condensate water removal with pump or free drainage
  • Cooling and heating valves