Chillquick Reno – a modular water chiller

A modular water chiller for building repair applications

The modular Chillquick Reno water chiller solution is designed for building repair projects in which transport and machine room space is scarce. The system is composed of one to four modules that are assembled on-site.

Ready-made solution

Accessorised to meet the application’s specific needs, the modules are fully tested at the factory. The modules come with pipes required for assembly. All you need to do on-site is to connect the pipes to one another.

Energy efficient

All the modules are connected to a single automation system, enabling centralised and energy-efficient control. Since each module has two output options, the complete four module system has eight output options. Because of this, even low partial loads can be generated energy efficiently.


Water chiller, stepped control (0/50/100% for each module separately)

Capacity range

160-440 kW / four-module system
40–110 kW / single module

More detailed technical data is available in the Option selection program