BLOCK free fan coil unit

Mounting in a window bench or freely on a ceiling

The BLOCK free fan coil unit can be mounted in a window bench or freely on a ceiling. Typical applications include renovation projects and spaces without a suspended ceiling.

The device is designed to fit in even the tightest of spaces. The air intake takes place from behind the device at an angle of 90 degrees, ensuring a sufficient intake volume and a large filter area, even in challenging conditions. Telescopic intake and supply ducts of various sizes are available to enable more leeway in the choice of the mounting height when the device is installed in a window bench.

Modern design

The housing, with its modern design, gives the surface-mounted system an elegant appearance. The housing colour can be freely selected from the RAL colour chart to suit the space’s decor.

Optimal indoor air quality

The fan coil units are dimensioned in line with the cooling needs and noise level requirements. The coil size and route are determined in accordance with the efficacy and network temperatures. Fine-tuning is carried out with a smart automation system. Thanks to this, the desired cooling efficacy can be achieved precisely and quietly. Factory-set parameters allow easy automation


Chiller fan coil units come with factory-set parameters, and the devices are meticulously tested with our software tool before delivery to the worksite.

The automation is controlled via a wall-mounted controller, which can be easily connected to the fan coil unit with the automatic Startup Wizard tool. The Startup Wizard automatically configures the wall controller in line with the parameters of the fan coil unit connected to it, and no manual configuration is required. The deployment tool enables quick and error-free commissioning.

Automation optionsVari ProVari
Variable-speed EC fanYesYes
Control signalModbus RTUAnalogue (0–10 V / 24 V)
Compatible room controllersVari PROChiller Varitec or general analogue controller
Control via BMSYesYes
Energy consumption monitoringYesNo
Diagnostics (water temperature, fan etc.)YesNo
Fault alarms (room controller display)Yes (configurable, on/off)No
Fault alarms (BMS)YesYes
Service monitoring and service-need alertsYesNo
Configurable display (room controller)YesNo
On-site configuration of unit (via room controller / BMS)YesNo

Comprehensive accessory options

An intake duct connection is available as an accessory. Intake air is directed to a separate chamber that is not connected to the fan coil unit operation, and therefore fan speed does not affect pressure loss in the air side.

  • Factory-installed and tested valves
  • Pressure-independent two-way control valve
  • A cable with a plug for quick connection
  • Room controller with a quick connector
  • Removal of condensate with a condensate pump or free drainage and alarm.
  • Comprehensive separate controls, e.g. to prevent the simultaneous operation of cooling and heating.
  • Comprehensive separate measurement options
  • Grille’s special colour