Chiller fan coil units - Silence, thermal comfort and energy efficiency

The Chiller fan coil unit (FCU) is a complete solution: ready to use, factory-made on the basis of customer specifications and pre-set with customer parameters. These qualities minimise the work on the site, making Chiller FCUs extremely cost-efficient to install and commission.

The equipment can be easily integrated into a chilled water system, with electrical power, into building automation and with fresh-air supply.
Chiller fan coil units come with pressure independent control valves (PICVs), which help to guarantee the maximised efficiency of the air conditioning system with minimal energy consumption. Chiller FCUs offer a design-award-winning, easy-to-use user interface, the Vari PRO room controller. Chiller fan coil units are made from high-quality components and are designed for a long lifetime.
Chiller high-quality fan coil units (FCUs) make the best choice for air conditioning for high-performance buildings. From hotels to private houses, hospitals to shopping centres, libraries to schools, Chiller FCUs offer high thermal comfort for users, with minimised sound levels.
Chiller FCUs are optimised for a wide range of water temperatures on the basis of customer needs. The units are suitable for both locally chilled and district cooling water. In addition, the units are configured and parameterised in the factory in accordance with customer specifications – there is no need to modify unit settings during installation or commissioning. On-site modifications (e.g., when the usage of the room changes) are supported with Vari Pro automation.

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| Better indoor air quality

Chiller fan coil units guarantee comfortable and draught-free ventilation in all applications. The design of the grilles prevents the unwanted mixing of the return and supply air. With ceiling-installed units, the incoming air is directed into the room along the ceiling. This allows the cooling effect of the air to be enhanced as the temperature of the ceiling surface decreases with the cool air flow.
A result of innovative design, the system’s precise control mechanism enables the temperature of the indoor air to remain constant, even when the heat load fluctuates.
All Chiller fan convectors are designed for easy maintenance. For achieving the best indoor air quality, the parts of the FCUs that get dirty with time, such as the grilles and condensate pan, are removable or openable for easy cleaning.

| Energy-efficient and silent operation

The innovative layout of the most important components guarantees maximisation of the heat transfer area of the fan coil unit and reduces the amount of energy required to achieve sufficient cooling capacity. The FCU grilles are optimised for operation with EC-fan technology, which provides remarkable energy savings when compared to conventional designs.
The airtight structure of the units in combination with excellent soundproofing and the unique layout results in reduced noise levels of the units. Furthermore, the units with fresh-air inlet option have fan chambers specially designed to mitigate the noise from the fresh-air supply.


Solutions tailored to your application

Chiller FCUs provide a wide variety of installation variants. Our product range offers solutions for multiple ceiling installations as well as free standing and window-seat installations.

InstallationGrand BoxStudio
False ceiling | through wallx
False ceiling x
Below ceilingxx
Window seatx
Free standingx
Chiller fan coil solutions for different installations, tailored to your application

The operation principle of fan coil units

Chilled water from the district cooling or Chillquick chilled water station is circulated to the FCUs. The unit’s internal fan directs the supply air through the grille with optimal distribution.  With the return air, excess heat passes through the coil and is transferred to the chilled water system. The FCUs can also be used for heating when connected to a hot water circuit.
Chiller FCUs are suitable for wet and dry cooling systems. Wet systems have superior cooling capacity. The units for wet systems are equipped with a condensation drain and can remove moisture from the air during operation. Dry systems use higher-temperature water and achieve a lower cooling capacity in comparison to wet systems of similar size. Dry systems also require sensors in order to prevent condensation. Chiller FCU solutions allow condensate water’s removal with a condensate water pump or free drainage.

Automation options

Our fan coil units can be delivered with two kinds of automation solutions: Vari Pro and Vari.
Chiller Vari Pro automation technology for FCUs introduces a new way of perceiving control in cooling and heating applications.  Easy control of water flows and temperatures, along with the data provided by the system, allows precise controlling of the cooling and heating system. Real-time feedback on the state of the system, and the energy consumption, prevents unnecessary maintenance calls and undesirable energy bills

Automation optionsVari ProVari
Variable-speed EC fanYesYes
Control signalModbus RTUAnalogue (0–10 V / 24 V)
Compatible room controllersVari PROChiller Varitec or general analogue controller
Control via BMSYesYes
Energy consumption monitoringYesNo
Diagnostics (water temperature, fan etc.)YesNo
Fault alarms (room controller display)Yes (configurable, on/off)No
Fault alarms (BMS)YesYes
Service monitoring and service-need alertsYesNo
Configurable display (room controller)YesNo
On-site configuration of unit (via room controller / BMS)YesNo
Cooling, cooling & heating, valves and control, condensate water pump, electrical plug, fresh-air connection for false-ceiling installations, decorative covers for visible installations, special colours (visible parts)
Chiller fan coil unit automation options

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