Vari PRO room controller
Size 82x82x12mm
Display 1.8” TFT, 160 x 120 PX, 65k colour
Set points normal/away mode 10…30 C°
Dead zone 0.5/2 C° normal/away mode**
Integration time 100 s
Proportional band 5 C°
Modbus serial communication settings 38 400 bits/s 8N1
**Factory preset

Intuitive and informative

No more guessing if the AC is working

The intuitive user interface of Vari PRO room controller makes setting the room temperature easy. The controller displays both the current temperature and the new set point, which are the key parameters for the user. The graph shows to which direction the temperature is controlled by the air conditioning to reach the new set point, and the time it takes to reach it. The main display of the Vari PRO controller can also be configured in different ways depending on the usage.
The fan speed is automatically controlled in relation to the set point temperature, with a possibility for manual override.

Informative user interface for operations and maintenance

 The Vari PRO room controller provides vast information and diagnostics possibilities, which guarantees excellent user experience. Information about the internal parameters of both the unit and the controller itself, and counters for energy usage, and unit and component service times can be viewed in the service menu of the room controller. The same information can be read to the building management system via Modbus fieldbus connection. The information can be utilized for both proactive and reactive maintenance.

Building and Room Management Systems interface

The Vari PRO room controller can also be controlled via building automation system. The set point temperature can be controlled both from building automation system and from room management system based on the needs.

Fast installation and commissioning

With its streamlined design and dimensions, the Vari PRO wall controller is suitable for both embedded and surface installation. The device is equipped with quick connectors for quick and easy connection to FCUs, which also prevents faulty connections.
The room controller’s start-up wizard copies the system configuration to the controller automatically once the power is turned on. No modification of parameter settings is needed on site. A Single Vari PRO room controlled is able to control several FCUs in the same room.

Product qualities

  • Front plate colour black or white
  • Installation to wall or wall socket
  • Up to 10 units can be controlled via single controller
  • Fan speed control auto/ 3-step control
  • Configurable display: Set point and room temperature/Set point/Symbols. Temperature unit C°/F°. OFF button function (off/cooling control/away mode)
  • Set point configuration for normal and away modes and min/max
  • Energy consumption monitoring for fan and cooling (current and monthly realised consumption and yearly estimated consumption*)
  • Water temperature monitoring for both inlet and outlet flow
  • Service diagnostics, alarms and status monitoring for filter, fan, pump and cooling/heating valves
  • Alarm visibility controller & BMS or BMS only

*total for all connected units

Connection methods

The Vari PRO control system can be connected to the property’s automation substation via a data-based Modbus bus. The terminal device’s control system can be connected either to the wall controller or the automation substation. Several terminal devices connected to a single wall controller can be controlled via the automation substation.


Automation optionsVari ProVari
Variable-speed EC fanYesYes
Control signalModbus RTUAnalogue (0–10 V / 24 V)
Compatible room controllersVari PROChiller Varitec or general analogue controller
Control via BMSYesYes
Energy consumption monitoringYesNo
Diagnostics (water temperature, fan etc.)YesNo
Fault alarms (room controller display)Yes (configurable, on/off)No
Fault alarms (BMS)YesYes
Service monitoring and service-need alertsYesNo
Configurable display (room controller)YesNo
On-site configuration of unit (via room controller / BMS)YesNo