Solid – a direct expansion unit

Reliable control of small and medium heat and humidity load

The Solid close-control air conditioner is a direct expansion unit (compressors built-in) with liquid cooled condenser. Solid is easy to connect to ducts which allows installation for electrical and machine rooms where water or brine pipes are not permitted.

Versatile functions

The Solid close-control air-conditioning unit can be equipped with cooling, re-heating, dehumidification and humidification functions, as required.

The possible heating methods are hot gas, electric and water-based. Both electrode and resistive steam humidifiers are available, with standard capacities of 6–13 kg/h.

Versatile supply and exhaust directions

The unit’s frame design enables versatile supply and exhaust directions and the airflow can run both upwards and downwards in the machine. In addition, the machine can be connected to ducts or placed freely in the space.

Reliable choice

As a water-cooled system, the  unit is easy to install and commission – all that needs to be done is to connect the condensate pipes and electricity supply. Refrigerant filling and test runs are performed at the factory.

Electrical and machine rooms

Machine rooms typically have a high heat load in relation to the humidity load and, with floor space being scarce, a cabinet unit is a good solution. The Solid close-control air-conditioning solution can be installed in electrical and machine rooms where water or brine  connections are not permitted.

Laboratories and other special facilities

Special facilities have strict requirements for both temperature and humidity. Because of this, Solid is available with numerous functions. It can also be equipped with filters of a higher filtering class.

Standard features

Compressor with  fixed capacity control steps
Speed-controlled fan
Evaporator with a hydrophilic coating
Electronic expansion valve
Pressure-controlled water valve, 2-way
Filter class EU4
Airflow upwards or downwards
Duct connections or free flow
Fan speed control for the liquid cooler

Additional accessories

Hot gas reheater
Hot water heater
Electric heating (2-step/variable)
Electrode humidifier 5 or 8 kg/h
Resistive steam humidifier 6 or 13 kg/h
Brine cooler
Brine pump ‘P3’
Pressure-controlled water valve, 3-way
External room temperature and humidity sensor
Base for the machine
Connection for the supply air duct
Filter class, for example, EU7 or EU9
Filter guard (pressure difference measurement)
Condensate pump
Safety basin
Water leak alarm
Sound shells  for compressors
Bus connection to the BMS (Modbus or BACnet)
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