The Chiller concept integrates all the essential features and functions of a chilled water system in a customer-optimised, factory-made and tested complete solution.
All Chiller chilled water stations are delivered ready to use for final installation and commissioning.
On the site, only pipe connections and electricity need to be connected to the building’s system before the chilled water station is ready for use. If needed, ‘run enable’ permission is given via the building automation system. 

The Service Next IoT concept provides real-time information and reports on system performance.
Chillquick chilled water stations are made with high-quality components and designed for a long lifetime.
A chilled water station manages and controls the flow and temperature of chilled water with high accuracy and efficiently.  The chilled water station’s automation optimises the parallel use of compressors and free cooling.
Also, the cooling liquid circulation to the dry cooler is managed by the integrated pumps and automation of the chilled water station. The chilled water station provides chilled water for AHUs (air handling units), FCUs (fan coil units) and CCUs (closed control units). 

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| Time savings in installation and commissioning

The Chiller chilled water station concept offers 50–90% savings on installation and commissioning time when compared to a standard water chiller. In addition to installation being fast, the total costs are lowered because there is no need for on-site installation of required accessories like tanks, pumps, valves and free cooling; the chilled water stations are always delivered as factory-assembled ready-to-use equipment.
With fewer variables, the reliability of scheduling improves and the on-site start-up will be fast and free of cares, because each chilled water station goes through full-scale factory testing performed with customer parameters.


| Fast engineering and minimal space requirements

Each chilled water station is tailored to customer requirements and needs. HVAC engineers select the qualities and features wanted with the option-selection program. Time is saved in the design phase as the dimensional drawings with service spaces, flow diagrams and electrical diagrams are available right from the start of the design phase.
The integrated design of the chilled water station requires less space in the machine room, which saves on construction costs and makes installation during building modernisation much easier

| Optimised energy efficiency and control

Energy efficiency and precise temperature control are the key design points for all Chiller chilled water stations. Minimal temperature variation of chilled water makes the dehumidification and cooling processes extremely precise.
The high accuracy is the core of system efficiency in both single cooling units and the entire building.  The entire cooling system is designed to maintain the set point, which results in excellent comfort and energy savings as the cooling is optimised for the actual need.

| Control automation with an IoT interface

The Chilltronic automation controls all the functionality of a chilled water station. The automation has two performance levels: Vari Pro and Vari.
Connectivity to the Service Next IoT cloud is included in the Chilltronic automation. Service Next enables the remote monitoring and control of the cooling system. The availability and performance of the equipment will be constantly monitored by Service Next, and alerts and notifications can be sent to a mobile phone or by email directly from the system. Also, monthly reports about performance are available from the Service Next portal.