Grand fan coil unit
Sizes 700x1000x250 mm and 1000x1000x250 mm
Total cooling effect 1.8-4.3 kW
Sensible cooling effect 1.2-2.9 kW
Sound range from 20 dB(A)
Air flow 54-142 l/s
Cooling effect total and sensible air 27°C/50 %RH, water 7/12°C
Sound range sound pressure level Lp(A) 100m3 space


Ultimate thermal comfort through innovative design


The Grand fan coil unit is designed to provide draught-free air conditioning with ultimate thermal comfort to indoor air through its ingeniously designed two-way grille. The fresh air is supplied to the room from the top of the grille, while the return air intake takes place from the bottom of the grille. The supply air is directed along the ceiling, which guarantees the draught-free cooling of the room.

Combined with versatile and adaptive Vari Pro automation and the award-winning Vari PRO room controller, the Grand makes an excellent choice for air conditioning when high thermal comfort is sought.
The Vari Pro automation guarantees the system’s precise control of air temperature and flow, and ensures that the conditions in indoor spaces remain consistently pleasant while the energy consumption of the air conditioning is kept to a minimum.

| Energy efficient and silent

  • Maximised heat transfer area of the coil guarantees maximum cooling capacity with minimised energy consumption
  • Improved cooling capacity allows the fan to be operated at a lower speed, which reduces the sound level
  • Innovative grille design optimised in accordance with the EC fan ensures minimal energy consumption
  • Silent operation guaranteed by unit design and soundproofing

| Versatile possibilities – compatible with various applications

  • Tailored to your applicationoptimised for a wide range of water temperatures
  • Also suitable for district cooling water applications
  • Sound level ranges selectable to meet even the strictest requirements
  • Wide colour palette for the grille – blends in with the interior design
  • Versatile control possibilities

 | Comfortable indoor climate

  • Precise control of air temperature and flow combined with the ingenious grille design guarantee ultimate thermal comfort indoors
  • The supply air is directed along the ceiling, which enhances the cooling effect and guarantees draught-free cooling

| Cost-efficient installation and easy maintenance

  • All connections on the back plate of the unit – minimised service space requirement
  • Openable grille for easy cleaning of the filter with vacuum or washing
  • Removable condensate pan
  • Plug-in option for power and quick connector for room controller for easy installation
  • Start-up wizard for room controller for easy commissioning and testing
  • Diagnostics to forecast maintenance needs

Product qualities

  • Options for cooling, heating, and cooling & heating units (heating with unit mounted or radiator valve)
  • Configuration according to desired cooling (and heating) capacity, air flow and sound levels


  • Pressure-independent control valves (PICV)
  • Plug-in option for quick connection
  • Room controller with quick connectors
  • Condensate water removal with pump or free drainage
  • Special colour for grille


Automation optionsVari ProVari
Variable-speed EC fanYesYes
Control signalModbus RTUAnalogue (0–10 V / 24 V)
Compatible room controllersVari PROChiller Varitec or general analogue controller
Control via BMSYesYes
Energy consumption monitoringYesNo
Diagnostics (water temperature, fan etc.)YesNo
Fault alarms (room controller display)Yes (configurable, on/off)No
Fault alarms (BMS)YesYes
Service monitoring and service-need alertsYesNo
Configurable display (room controller)YesNo
On-site configuration of unit (via room controller / BMS)YesNo
Cooling, cooling & heating, valves and control, condensate water pump, electrical plug, fresh-air connection for false-ceiling installations, decorative covers for visible installations, special colours (visible parts)
Chiller fan coil unit automation options

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