Environmental Management System


As one of the leading manufacturers of air-conditioning equipment and heat pumps we must continuously improve our performance, procedures and knowhow in the environmental, occupational health & safety matters in order to provide for our customers products and services that support sustainable development and help to build a greener future.

We are committed to keep our business processes environmentally sound, and to maintain safe and healthy working conditions by eliminating the possible environmental, health and occupational safety risks in our products and services, from development and raw materials up until product end-of-life.

We ensure that our facilities and products comply with or exceed applicable environmental, health and safety regulations, and the standards of Finnish Refrigeration Enterprises Association (FREA).

We continuously train, motivate and encourage our employees to participate in our environmental, occupational health and safety and encourage all our subcontractors and suppliers to comply with, or exceed, the same standards we are committed to. We value open communication with our personnel, customers, subcontractors and suppliers regarding our performance in environmental, occupational health and safety matters.

Pekka Salmi
Chiller Oy