Steady precision air-cooling system for challenging applications

Consistent conditions

The Steady precision air-conditioning unit maintains the desired temperature and air humidity – precisely and reliably. Thanks to the hot gas reheater and compressor with variable speed control, the cooling capacity can be adjusted between 0 and 100%. In combination with a variable-speed fan, the dehumidification function can be adjusted extremely precisely.

Reliable choice

The machine is easy to install – just connect the condensate pipes and electricity supply. Refrigerant filling and test runs are performed at the factory. Steady can be connected to the ServiceNext remote control and optimisation via the Internet. The Vari technology extends the compressor’s service life by ensuring that the system runs smoothly, which prevents wear and tear to the compressor. In addition, sound levels emitted by the device are low. Coming with a condensation pressure control valve, the system can be connected to a brine chiller, district cooling network or to a condensation basin.

Energy efficient

Thanks to the Vari technology, the speed-controlled compressor generates the desired cooling output efficiently and precisely. Traditionally, electricity has been used for re-heating required for dehumidification. In the energy-efficient Steady, heat generated by the compressor is used for re-heating.


In archives, the relative humidity must be low to protect documents.
Steady meets the requirements set for archives:
Paper archives +16 to +20 °C, 40 to 50% RH
Micro films +12 to +16 °C, 30 to 40% RH


In laboratories, the room temperature and air humidity must be controlled precisely and maintained constant.
The Steady precision air-conditioning unit can achieve precision of up to +/-0.5 °C and +/-1% RH. The machine responds quickly when the setting for temperature or relative humidity is changed.

Other premises

The machine is also suitable for other challenging premises where temperature must be between +12 and +30 °C and relative humidity between 20 and 80% RH.

Standard features

Speed-controlled Vari compressor
Speed-controlled Vari fan
Hot gas reheater (variable control)
Electronic expansion valve
Electric heating
Resistive steam humidifier (6 kg/h)
Filter class EU4
Upward air supply, exhaust from underneath, either from the front or behind
Duct connections or free flow

Additional accessories

Brine cooler
Brine pump ‘P3’
Variable control of electric heating
Filter class EU7
Filter guard (pressure difference measurement)
Condensate pump
External (standard or extra precise) room temperature and
humidity sensor
Water leak alarm
ServiceNext remote monitoring and optimisation