The Chillquick chilled water station is the heart of all Chiller cooling solutions. The chilled water station manages and controls the flow and temperature of water and cooling liquid circulation, providing chilled water for AHUs (air handling units), FCUs (fan coil units) and CCUs (closed control units). Also the cooling liquid circulation to a dry cooler or free cooling unit is managed by the chilled water station

Ideal user experience

Air conditioning has been successfully executed when people in the room don’t ask about it. With the Chiller solution, variations in the room temperature are minimised by the FCUs’ dynamic control capability, achieved with Chiller’s cutting-edge Vari Pro automation. The automation controls both the fan speed and flow of chilled water. The patented designs of the Chiller FCUs enable low sound levels and draught-free operation, making the air conditioning highly energy-efficient and comfortable. 

Fresh air at constant temperature and with reduced humidity is supplied to the premises through the air handling unit. Chilled water stations are designed to keep the temperature variation of chilled water minimal, making the fresh-air dehumidification and cooling processes precise.
Buildings’ technical areas, such as control rooms, are cooled with CCUs that can control both the temperature and humidity, creating perfect conditions for the technical equipment and sensitive materials like art or archives. 
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Optimal energy efficiency

The energy efficiency of the air conditioning can be increased with free cooling in locations with large temperature variations. A Chillquick chilled water station optimises the use of compressors and free cooling. This optimisation process lowers the energy consumed by air cooling, but it can also reduce the noise from the dry coolers on the roof.

Cost-effective complete solutions

Chiller’s systems are optimised to provide the required capacity with minimal energy consumption. The engineering requirements of the application and the required parameters are used for solution configuration. Each solution is tailored specifically to customer needs.
Factory testing and parameterisation of the system results in minimal work on the site. The complete cooling solution can be delivered rapidly and precisely to the site, and it is ready for start-up after quick installation. Time is saved on both logistics and installation.

An extended service life

The components used in the Chiller equipment are carefully selected for long life and high quality. The lifetime costs are driven down by the Chiller service offering, Service Next. Service Next includes the annual maintenance, a remote connectivity option with real-time monitoring and reporting of system state and optimisation possibilities.