When warm and chilled water are needed at the same time and there is a possibility of utilising geothermal heat or waste/excess heat, selecting a heat pump station boosts the energy efficiency to a completely new level.

Superior energy efficiency through reuse and recycling

When the system or the building is filled with thermal energy, the smartest move is to use that available energy instead of wasting it. A Chiller heat pump station will do the energy management and optimisation of energy flows between chilled water, warm water, boreholes, waste heat and (when needed) a dry cooler.
The recirculation of energy makes the Chiller system superior in terms of energy efficiency. There are various scenarios for the energy circulation; in the simplest case, the water is chilled for air conditioning purposes simultaneously with water being heated for heating purposes.
During the energy recirculation process, the excess thermal energy from the chilled water system is transferred to the warm-water side. If the heating system requires more energy than the cooling system is able to provide, additional energy can be drawn from the geothermal boreholes. In cases of excess energy in the overall system, the additional heat can be returned to the boreholes and the holes will be ‘charged with’ heat for later use.

A complete solution from engineering to use and servicing

The delivery and service concept of the Chiller heat pump station is very similar to the concept of the Chiller chilled water station. Assembly is based on engineering and user requirements, factory testing and fast installation. This enables fast deliveries, efficient logistics and quick installations on sites. Lifetime servicing for the system is provided by Chiller’s service network, and the equipment is fully compatible with the Chiller Service Next concept, including the IoT connectivity.