Precision Air Conditioning & Close Control Units

Chiller precision air conditioning systems offer extremely energy-efficient solutions for applications that require precise control of air humidity and temperature. The systems come with integrated ServiceNext IoT technology to enable real-time monitoring of the system and rapid responses to changes in heating and cooling needs.  The system’s emergency cooling technology ensures that indoor air conditions remain stable in all circumstances. Full configuration of air flow and direction possibilities is available in Option-selection portal.

| Fast engineering and low space requirements

Each close control unit is based on the customer requirements and needs. HVAC engineers select the correct configuration, with options, via the option-selection portal. Time is saved in the design phase as the mechanical drawings, flow diagrams and electrical diagrams for detailed configurations are available right from the start of the design phase.

| Optimised energy efficiency and control

Energy efficiency and precise temperature control are the key design points for all Chiller CCUs. The high accuracy of the units guarantees that the entire system is able to maintain the set point, resulting in improved energy efficiency and optimised cooling.

| Control automation with an IoT interface

Connectivity to the Service Next IoT cloud is included in the automation. Service Next enables remote monitoring and control. The availability and performance of the equipment will be constantly monitored by Service Next, and alerts and notifications can be sent to a mobile phone or by email directly from the system. Also, monthly reports about performance are available from the Service Next portal.