The NOVA 32 indoor chilled water station and heat pump

Choose the eco-friendlier R32 refrigerant

NovaCool32 uses ecological R32 refrigerant. The Nova 32 series is a wise choice for effortlessly reducing your carbon footprint and promoting sustainable construction.

Safe and sustainable operation

The indoor Nova 32 product family is designed with safety top-of-mind. The design guidelines based on our rigorous safety concepts guarantee a device solution of first-class reliability.

Device automation ensures system safety and security even in cases of malfunction. Additionally, our life cycle service guarantees carefree operation throughout the entire life span of the device.

Thoroughly tested for carefree use

The Nova 32 product family represents Finnish engineering at its best. Comprehensive pre-testing at our high standard factory helps expedite the installation of devices on-site. The four-stage power control enables energy-efficient cooling, while our remote monitoring service combines continual optimisation and maintenance into a clear and comprehensive service package.


Discover all the new technical features of the NOVA 32 product family in the video presentation above!