Waste energy put to good use with a heat pump


Saint-Gobain Construction Products Finland was in search of the most energy-efficient solution for the heating of its modern production facility. At the time, the company’s production premises in Forssa were heated with a district heating system and oil.

After considering the options available, the company opted for the Chillquick Thermo heat pump as its new heating system. The heat pump is used to recover excess heat generated by the production process. Cooling energy and heat produced during the manufacture of the company’s wool insulation is then utilised in the heating of the property. The temperature of this excess heat is significantly higher than that of the heat source of a conventional geothermal heat pump. This enables the achievement of an extremely high coefficient of performance (COP). In this case, the COP value in relation to the heat pump’s dimensioning is nearly 5. In practice, this means that the heat pump only needs 250 MWh of electricity to generate the 1,150 MWh of heating energy required by the application. The heat pump also provides all the facility’s hot water, taken from the system via de-superheating process. The goal was that the heat pump would replace at least 50% of the heating energy from the district heating system, in which case the system would pay for itself in a year or two.

According to the company’s maintenance manager Könkö, Saint-Gobain Construction Products Finland has been pleased with the solution and would not choose to act differently under any circumstances. ‘The heat pump represents extremely interesting technology and we want to keep abreast with the latest developments in it’.

Chillquick Thermo
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