We have collected all the information for our products and services under the following sites. These sites are meant for all our stakeholders from the architects and the engineers to the end users. Registration is required to use the sites.

Service Next 

In our Service Next application, customers can monitor and optimize device performance. For our service contract customers, it enables comprehensive maintenance monitoring. Select to enter

Selection program

This program can be used for the dimensioning and selection of Chillquick chilled water stations, Chillquick Thermo heat pumps, Box, Grand, Studio, and Giant fan coils, Smart, Solid close-control air conditioners and Steady precision air cooling system. The devices’ dimensional drawings, functional diagrams and maintenance instructions are also available in the program. Select to enter

If you have any questions regarding the use of the selection program, we will be happy to help you. We also welcome user feedback to support the development of the program. For more information requests and feedback, please email us at app@chiller.fi or call 09 274 7670.