Classic luxury


Grand Hôtel Stockholm is one of Stockholm’s must-see attractions and perhaps Sweden’s most luxurious hotel. Since 1874, it has served as the setting for grand banquettes and glamorous celebrations as well as the pied-a-terre of choice for celebrities and others wanting to enjoy the good things in life. Established by French-born Jean-François Régis Cadier, Grand Hôtel represents a piece of France in Sweden. The construction work on the hotel began in 1872.

Long traditions with a modern twist

Grand Hôtel strikes a perfect balance between traditional and modern. This five-star hotel with 300 rooms, including 31 suites, is popular among not only ordinary tourists but also the rich, famous and powerful: numerous superstars of politics, music and cinema have stayed at the hotel.  The luxury establishment has also hosted members of European royal families and Nobel prize winners. The first-ever Nobel gala was held in the hotel’s Spegelsalen, or ‘the Hall of Mirrors’, in 1901. The event was arranged in this opulent ballroom until 1929 when it outgrew the venue and transferred to larger premises in the Stockholm City Hall. Prize winners with their families still stay at the hotel, where they wake up to a visit by St. Lucy on 13 December. The Wallenberg family took over the reins of the hotel in 1968. In 1974, the hotel marked its centenary by transforming its popular summer terrace into a year-round restaurant. It was opened by the hugely popular Prince Bertil.

Pleasant indoor conditions

This elegant hotel has never settled for resting on its laurels. It is maintained with meticulous care and attention to detail. Only the best is good enough for this Stockholm landmark, just as when it comes to technical solutions, as became evident in the renovation of the ventilation system carried out in the late 2000s when the Studio fan coil was selected as the property’s ventilation solution. The main reasons behind this decision were the system’s low operation sound and energy consumption, and its suitability for use with district cooling water.

Air conditioning solution

  • Studio fan coil unit
  • Option for district cooling