Pleasant hotel life in the United Arab Emirates


Dubai’s summers put a hotel’s fan coil units to the test, as relative humidity increases in line with the temperature. At the luxury hotel Jumeira Rotana, pleasant conditions mean a precisely controlled temperature without draught or noise generated by air conditioning.

Passing the test with flying colours

The Grand fan coil unit was selected as the hotel’s air conditioning solution because it outperformed the competition in a test situation. A demo installation in a test room showed that the Grand system could maintain a uniform and comfortable indoor temperature, while operating silently even in the most challenging conditions.
The system directs the air along the ceiling of the room without causing any draught. Thanks to their air-tight design and soundproofed frame, the devices are extremely silent.

Quick to install

The hotel’s engineer Saji Scaria is full of praise for the Grand fan coil unit’s easy installation method. Since supply air and return air flow take place through a single grille, no additional air conduits are required. This makes the installation easier and speeds up the process at the hotel, where work must be carried out as rapidly as possible to minimise disruption to its normal operations.

Air conditioning solution

  • Grand fan coil unit
  • Option for district cooling
  • Free drainage for condensate water