Ideal conditions for shopping


Shopping centre Goodman has invested strongly in the management of its indoor air quality and temperature because these factors play a huge role in creating pleasant conditions. The companies operating on the premises also understand the importance of high-quality air conditioning. Customers and staff working at the shopping centre do not want to feel cold or hot.

With its clear layout and ideal location, Goodman is a convenient place to visit. The 26,000-square metre space is home to more than 70 stores and businesses operating in a wide range of fields. NCC Property Development Oy was responsible for the shopping centre’s construction project management, while NCC Rakennus Oy served as the primary contractor and HVAC Design Engineer Hannu Sydänmäki brought building service engineering expertise to the project.
Property Manager Markku Salminen explains that energy security, usability and technical support offered by the system supplier are essential for applications such as shopping centres.

Comprehensive cooling solution

Chiller supplied four Chillquick chilled water stations and water chillers, six liquid coolers and hundreds of fan coils for the shopping complex. Large devices are located in two separate machine rooms, with a water chiller and a cod-water station installed in both spaces. The liquid coolers are located on the roof of the building.
The devices generate all the cooling energy required by the property’s business premises, with cooling arranged via the ventilation system and supplemented by the Box fan coil units installed on to the ceiling when necessary. Sydänmäki explains that the system is controlled by an automation system and, whenever possible, the free cooling feature is switched on.

Comfortable conditions for customers and staff alike

Property Manager Markku Salminen is responsible for maintenance at Goodman. In practice, this means ensuring that all the systems function appropriately.
‘We have managed to hit the perfect middle ground where the staff are comfortable without coats on and customers don’t get hot in their outdoor clothing’, explains Salminen. Chiller’s devices take care of the room-specific cooling, controlled by the building automation system.
In summer, the system had a chance to prove its mettle during a heatwave. ‘The devices functioned without any hitches and maintained the desired temperature throughout the three-week heatwave in August’, explains Salminen.

The shopping centre solution

  • Chillquick chilled water stations
  • Liquid coolers
  • Box fan coil unit