Picture by SARC Architects

Regeneron Oy’s Keilalampi property was renovated in 2020, and the refurbished premises were commissioned at the beginning of 2021. The building will comply with the WELL standard. In addition to building standards, this rating system emphasises the impacts of buildings on human health and wellness, requiring the continuous measurement of not only air quality, acoustics and lighting but also staff comfort and mental well-being.

Chiller’s solution

In accordance with housing technology plans by Sweco Oy, Chiller delivered four outdoor chilled water stations with free-cooling, about 400 window bench-installed Studio fan coil units, and 100 Box fan coil units mounted in a suspended ceiling.

Low sound levels at the heart of the design

Under the WELL standard, a building’s noise levels must be extremely low both indoors and out. Indoor fan coil units are dimensioned for each space in accordance with the coil size, routes and air volumes. This enables low noise levels without compromising on efficiency. The Chillquick chilled water station achieves its silent operations because of its City Kit accessory and compressors equipped with sound shells.