Helsinki Airport’s new terminal equipped with Chiller cooling units that blend in with the architecture

In the renovation of Finavia’s Helsinki Airport terminal, the emphasis was on creating a pleasant atmosphere through high-quality architecture. Every last detail was carefully considered. Even the air-conditioning units had to blend in with the architectural features, which meant taking care to match the colour of each grille with the surroundings.

Chiller delivered nearly 70 Box fan coil units, with grilles in various colours, for the building’s restaurants, corridors, and departure lobby. The project was made more complicated by the fact that all the restaurants in the terminal used their own interior designer, who decided on a colour palette specific to the space. The fan coil grilles were painted at the factory in RAL colours that suited each space.

Fast and cost-efficient installation

Each unit was delivered to the location, close to the installation site, in line with Chiller’s operating model.

‘The units’ grilles being ready-painted in the correct colour at the factory made our work easier, because it meant that we didn’t need to take the grilles to a paint shop and later collect them once they had been painted. This also worked out to be less expensive than painting the grilles after installation,’ explains Toni Ruohonen, installation manager at Consti Talotekniikka Oy, which acted as the project’s HVAC contractor.

According to Ruohonen, even the architects didn’t always know in the early stages what colours the client would want for some of the spaces.

‘We could leave the grilles uninstalled until a decision on the colour scheme had been made. Chiller was able to deliver the grilles in the correct colour tones, and all we had to do was fix them in place. We were kept on our toes by the installation work, because grilles in various colours had be to installed in all kinds of orientations and positions,’ says Ruohonen.

Praising Chiller’s well-organised maintenance and service operations, he adds:

‘We received assistance quickly whenever we needed it. Chiller’s contact person stayed in touch with us throughout the project.