Customer comfort the main criterion

Hotel OnnenTähti, close to Tuuri shopping centre, offers high-quality accommodation for visitors. The shopping centre is a unique tourist attraction, which pays special attention to comfort. Every last detail has been thought through to offer customers a unique experience.

In hotels, a pleasant indoor climate plays a significant role in customer satisfaction. Low sound levels, steady temperatures and draught-free conditions contribute to a pleasant atmosphere in the rooms.

A project to extend Hotel OnnenTähti kicked off in autumn 2019. Sartekno Oy acted as the project’s HVAC designer and the contractor was LVI-Asiantuntija Oy Kari Mänty. From the outset, they were offered support by Chiller’s expert team.

Chiller’s system

In accordance with the plans, Chiller delivered a chilled water station to the building, Grand fan coil units for the rooms, and Box fan coil units for the general spaces. The chilled water station supports the operations of both the air-conditioning machine and the fan coil units. Controlled by VariPro automation, the fan coil units in the hotel rooms take care of both cooling and heating.

Quiet, draught-free conditions with an even temperature

Thanks to the fan coil units, which are specially dimensioned for each space, the desired efficiency can be achieved at extremely low noise levels. The units’ patented grille design ensures draught-free conditions by directing supply air to flow into the room along the ceiling. This helps maintain the temperature distribution evenly across the entire space.

The fine-tuning of the room temperature was realised with the VariPro automation system, which keeps temperature levels even. Via the system’s modern control mechanism, visitors can adjust the room temperature to their liking.