Chillquick Light
Cooling capacity 5-20 kW
Size 750 x 350 x 1600 mm

Reliable cooling in a compact package

Chillquick Light is a quickly installed, compact-size chilled water station designed to meet the cooling requirements of small offices, stores and industrial processes. Chillquick Light is designed to replace direct refrigerant systems and air-cooled condenser applications. With Chillquick Light, the sensitive technical components are installed indoors; only the condenser unit remains outdoors. This solution enables only pure water, and not refrigerant and glycol, to be transferred through premises occupied by people. Also, the service life is extended, thanks to decreased stress on sensitive components. 

The improved efficiency and silent operation of the new generation of Chillquick Light chilled water station are accomplished with continuously controlled Vari compressors. Compressor speed is automatically adjusted in accordance with the cooling demand, which increases the overall efficiency of the system, reduces the energy consumption, lowers the sound level and guarantees extended service life through minimised strain and wear on the components. 

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| Cost-efficient complete solution

  • Tailored to customer needs and full-scale tested at the factory with the customer’s technical parameters
  • Easy to install and commission


| Long service life

  • High-quality components for an extended service life
  • Lifecycle optimisation and predictive maintenance with the Service Next IoT solution

| Service Next IoT – cloud service for lifetime optimisation

  • Continuous system performance monitoring and process optimisation via IoT operation
  • Predictive maintenance enables minimisation of system downtime
  • Monthly reports on system performance, real-time monitoring and assessment via cloud service
  • Remote Helpdesk maintenance services and expert assistance

Standard accessories

  • Flow control accessories
  • Winter use accessories

Additional accessories

  • Connection to building automation
  • Real-time monitoring via ServiceNext IoT connectivity
  • Carefree Service Next service agreement