Chillquick Light a compact water chiller system


For small offices, stores and industrial processes

The typical applications of the Chillquick Light water chiller systems include small offices, shops and industrial process facilities with a capacity of 5 to 20 kW. The system was developed for applications where a direct refrigerant system would otherwise be used. With the Chillquick Light solution, only pure water, and not refrigerant and glycol, is transferred through premises occupied by people.

Compact indoor unit

With this compact system, the pump, water buffer tank, evaporator, expansion vessel and automation are located indoors. Installing the technical components indoors ensures disruption-free operation and prolongs the product’s service life.

Energy-efficient outdoor unit

The Chillquick Light system’s condenser unit is located outdoors. The condenser unit’s energy-efficiency stems from it stepless refrigeration and airflow control.


The Chillquick Light device requires very little maintenance and what maintenance is required can be carried out indoors.  The system is quick and easy to install and commission. The application cooling pipe system can be, to a large extent, made from sealed ready-made parts. This way, soldiering can be avoided, which reduces the need for hot work on-site.

Functional options

Water chiller system, stepless control

Capacity ranges

5–20 kW