Water chiller with heat recovery (LTO)

Optimised energy flows

The Chillquick Reco water chiller solution is designed for industrial, commercial and public properties where high energy efficiency is required. It is suitable for medium-sized and large applications, particularly when both cooling and heating is needed. Condensate energy generated by the cooling processes can be recovered and used efficiently for heating.

Energy efficient

Thanks to the system’s continuously variable capacity control, the cooling output adjusts in line with the requirements. This improves energy efficiency, particularly with partial loads. The number of starts is reduced, and energy consumption peaks caused by starts are decreased, resulting in improved efficiency.

In applications that allow low condensation temperatures, thermal efficiency can be further improved via an optimisation system of the compressor’s compression ratio.

In combination,  variable speed compressor technology and heat recovery guarantee optimal energy efficiency in all circumstances.

Reliable and flexible

The device can be customised to function at industrial voltages. The system uses long-term refrigerants, such as R1234ze, R513A and R134a. The unit can be equipped with a wide range of accessories to meet the application’s needs, regarding water circuits, automation, electrical accessories and other optional features. It can be delivered with or without the heat recovery function, as required. The  devices are also available with fixed speed compressors with progressive capacity control.   The content of the delivery can be defined as required in the Option selection program.

Functional options

Water chiller with heat recovery (LTO),  continuously variable capacity control
Water chiller, st continuously variable capacity control

Capacity range

500–1,300 kW

Technical information